Does your cat have weird habits too? Ceo loves to scratch my leg when he greets me after work. It might be one of many ways of showing his affection. Or he might just like my pants’ texture. Who knows?

Cats are very independent animals. This characteristic might sometimes seem as being cold and distant. They might even behave as if they don’t need anybody- unless maybe it is meal time.

However, in that specific time of the day, they might be the most affectionate creature on earth looking at you like their life depends on you. The two ends of the spectrum… They are indeed unpredictable and mysterious; other times, it feels as though they want to be close, but because it contradicts with their independent nature, they try to be subtle in showing their love. It might be only me imagining things. Whatever it is, it feels that sometimes they show their affection on another level: Like Ceo scratching my legs after long hours of separation. Just to make things a little more interesting, I decided to turn myself into a scratching post for him. It didn’t quite work, which wasn’t a surprise…  It was something different. Not my leg anymore for him, even though it was a familiar material and easier to scratch. He just watched that thing on my leg and remained on the floor, trying to avoid any contact.  He then slowly started to rub himself against my “scratching leg” unwillingly. It was the extent of my little experimentation so far. Later in time, I might have become a tool for him, besides a friend. I wonder if this could change how he sees me and affect our relationship. What if my whole body becomes a scratching ground for him? Would he use me to jump on the kitchen counter? Or would I become his lounge pad when I am watching TV? It could eventually increase the amount of time we spend together. It is just fun to even imagine how things could be then.

….. Jeff




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