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Why Lynks


KATRIS Lynks can be rearrange in many different combinations for your cat to scratch and stretch. It could be an inclined scratching post, a scratching pad, or a scratching lounge. 2 pieces of Lynks come equipped with real teak wood covers on their sides to protecting the pads from wear and tear.

Shred Less

In Test, KATRIS Lynks could yield a significantly more intact, less worn scratching surface than the competitors after the same amount of scratches. It could help you with less paper shredding mess on your floor. Check out our TEST VIDEO for the comparison.

Last Longer

Each piece of KATRIS Lynks made from over 200 sheets of heavy duty paper, it created the longest lifespan, densest & most durable cat scratcher found on the market. In longer term, it could help you save some money on endless pad replacements.

“What People Say About Lynks”

They produce significantly less shredding, helping keep customers’ home cleaner.

Editor Choice Award

Move them around, build with them – these cat scratchers are the cat’s meow!

Amy Tokic

KATRIS Lynks’ superior material and craftsmanship allows them to last longer than other cat scratchers, thereby eliminating pet owners’ needs to purchase a multitude of replacement pads.

Nancy E. Hassel

The KATRIS Lynks is shred resistant. After being moved numerous times and used daily, there are a few dings and dents but nothing significant.

Layla Morgan Wilde

I see a lot of scratchers, and Katris Lynks are a cut above most of the corrugated cardboard scratchers.

Ingrid King

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