How to Get Your
Cat to Exercise Enough


Is your feline getting enough exercise? Learn how much exercise your cat needs and get some cat exercise ideas that will make your kitty more active.

We all know that dogs need exercise, but what about cats? The answer is yes. Cats need exercise too. Keep reading to learn why and get some cat exercise ideas.

Why Do Cats Need to Exercise?

Just as exercise helps us manage our weight and tone our muscles, physical activity does the same for your cat. It’s also good for your cat’s mind, keeping your feline’s mental health in tip-top shape.

And the right types of exercise allow your cat to satisfy his or her hunting instincts. Plus, playing with your cat strengthens your bond with your furry friend.

How Much Exercise Does My Cat Need?

Your cat doesn’t need hours of physical activity. Just 10-15 minutes a day can be enough. That being said, it’s even better if you can squeeze in several of those short sessions each day.

Keep in mind that younger cats and kittens probably need more exercise than older cats do. As your cat ages, his or her exercise needs will change.

And some cats are naturally more playful and energetic than others. If your cat likes to play, your furball will probably benefit from multiple play sessions each day.

Cat Exercise Ideas

Although some cats love playing, others would rather sit on the couch. Getting a lazy cat to move can be quite challenging.

Whether your cat is active or a couch potato, the following cat exercise ideas will help your furry friend get enough physical activity.

Give Your Cat Something to Hunt

Many cat toys on the market are made to gratify your cat’s hunting instincts. When your cat chases these toys, it will feel just like a real hunt.

Some of these toys include:

● Cat wands
● Regular toy mice
● Battery-powered mice

Get a Cat Scratcher

Scratching is good for your cat’s leg muscles. That’s why getting a cat scratcher is such a great idea. It gives your kitty the chance to scratch away and work those muscles without wrecking your furniture.


Set Up a Cat Tree

Climbing is another great way to exercise. Plus, cats love to climb!

A cat tree is certain to delight your feline, especially if you get one that can be rearranged into different shapes and sizes. This ensures your precious pet will never get bored of climbing the cat tree.


Take Your Cat Outside on a Leash

Believe it or not, dogs aren’t the only pets that can go leash walking. You can buy a cat harness for taking your kitty outside.

Get your cat used to walking on the leash by working through the following steps over the course of several weeks:

● Let your cat wear the harness inside your home without attaching it to the leash.

● Try attaching the leash to the harness but don’t hold it yet.

● Hold on to the leash and begin walking your cat inside your home.

● When your cat is ready, begin walking around outside.

You probably can’t take a walk around the block, but the harness and leash will allow your cat to explore your backyard.

Even though some cats prefer sleeping over playing, exercise is still crucial for their well-being. It might take a bit of effort to get your cat moving, but the health benefits are absolutely worth it.




Photography by Jerry Wang, Victoria Naumenko and Steve Tsang on Unsplash

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