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Why Your Cat Bites You Sometime?

Cats exhibit certain behaviors that are difficult to understand. If you are a feline lover, it may have happened to you that your cat bites you while playing with your hands.

If you don’t have enough knowledge about the cat’s behavior, it will be difficult for you to understand this mantra. If you want to know why your cats bite you then read the article below.

If your cat bites you, there may be few reasons to bite. Your cat is affectionate or stressed or responds to a threat. Sometimes cats bite you while they play with you. Here I will discuss in detail some reasons for a cat bite.

Cat Bites While Showing Affection

Cats sometimes bite their owner gently to show affection, you can call it a kind of love bite. Cats sometimes lick and bite you; this is a sign of affection and a sign that they are comfortable with you.

Cats show several different actions to communicate with us. If your cat doesn’t mind sitting together or petting it’s a sign of affection.

At some point, your cat bites you while petting and your cat shows no signs of further aggression or anxiety, consider this a love bite.

Never hit your cat for this affectionate bite. Physical punishment is not effective in the case of cats. It will ruin your relationship with your cat and she will be scared and avoid you. If you don’t like this biting behavior of your cat, just leave it and walk away.

Cats Bite While They Are Stressed Up

As you know, cats do not communicate with words but with their actions. If you’re grooming your cat and she’s stressed out, the easiest way to communicate is by gently biting you, which means she needs a break now.

Biting while grooming is a sign that your cat is stressed by petting and chewing on your hands for a long time and by biting it aggressively she is trying to relieve stress.

Few breeds of cats like the Siamese took biting as a way to deal with anxiety. In kittens, chewing and biting on the softer portion between the fingers is a sign that the kitten is weaned too soon. This behavior occurs in kittens due to neurobiological changes.

Cat Bite While Playing

Cats like to play with you when they are in a good mood. If your feline friend wants to play with you, she will approach you and show you non-verbal actions to start the game.

When cats want to play with you, they bite your hand; it could be an invitation to play. If your cat seemed shy, relaxed, biting you and may fall next to you, this is an invitation to start a game.

You can test this theory by starting to play with your cat right after she bites you. If your kitten looks happy when you make the effort to play, you received the message she is trying to convey to you.


Biting is a common behavior for cats, you can manage this behavior by learning cats’ body language and through proper training.