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Why Does A Cat Like To Jump & Stay To High Space?

Cats’ habits are mainly determined by their instincts. In the early days, cats were tree climbers and hunters. Their bodies are specially designed for jumping or climbing and the sharp claws make it easy.

If you are worried about your cat and you wonder why my cat likes to jump and stay in a high space OR how to keep cat paws on the ground? Then you should read this post.

As you know, cats are curious creature and they want to explore their little world. First of all, you should clarify that it is normal for the cat to jump and stay in an elevated space.

Here are some reasons why cat likes to jump and stay in a high space such as:

Hunting Instinct

As I mentioned earlier, cats have a hunting instinct. In the past, they jumped into trees and high places to wait for prey and escape for their own safety.

Today, our cats have this nature, they do not have to hunt anything, but they do this behavior for fun and enjoyment.

Survey Their Territory

Sometimes cats climb on the table, countertops, cupboard and the top of the refrigerator. Actually, they are seeking the highest point to survey their territory.


If your cat is afraid of something like any person, dog or any other pet, she will jump to the high place to protect herself.

You can identify this behavior, because a cat will try to hide, and when you eliminate the particular danger, she will behave normally.

Place To Snooze

Cats love to sleep, and they will find the space, cozy and safe. At some point, cats find places like tables and countertops as their nap point.

Search For Food

If your cat is hungry, she will look for food or leftovers from countertops, tables, and stovetops. However, the cat can also display this behavior, even when she is not hungry, just as a habit.

High-rise Syndrome

In the summer, people love to sunbathe and open their windows. Unscreened windows pose a great danger to cats and can fall from high places.

According to the vets, cases of high-rise syndrome are very high in pets, especially cats in the summer season.

If your cat has fallen from a tall building, you should immediately run to the nearby veterinary hospital. Fall can lead to broken bones, punctured lungs, broken jaws and pelvis, and sometimes even death.

The survival rate of victims of high-rise syndrome is 90% after proper medication and care.

How To Keep Cat Paws On The Ground?

Sure, cat jumping is awesome, but sometimes this habit is not good for you and your cat. Here are some things you can try to keep your cat paws on the ground.

Some breeds of cats do not like high places like the Ragdoll breed, so you can choose this breed to avoid this behavior.

You can simply clean your shelf from food or anything delicate. You can scare your cat by spraying water or putting sticky tape on it but this is not a good practice.

You can provide your cat with a jumping and climbing alternative, such as interactive cat toys, furniture, etc.


It is best not to prevent your cat from having normal climbing and jumping behavior, but if this behavior can cause problems, you can take these above-mentioned steps to avoid this behavior.

Photograph Of Mae Dulay @Ayuzawamio