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Why Cats Need To Scratch

If your cat is scratching up the furniture you need to get a cat scratcher.  Learn why it’s important and how to get your cat to use one.

Your cat might be driving you crazy by scratching your furniture, but it’s important to realize that this feline behavior is completely normal.  Rather than discouraging it, try redirecting your furry friend to use a cat scratcher.

Keep reading to learn more about why cats scratch and how you can keep your kitty from tearing up your home.

Why Cats Scratch

Before you can come up with a solution that saves your furniture, it’s helpful to understand why cats scratch in the first place. The reasons for this behavior are listed below.

  • Nail Care – Cats are always grooming themselves. Did you realize that scratching is part of that process? Scratching wears down the dull, worn out surface of the nails and exposes the new growth underneath.
  • Marking Territory – Sure, your cat isn’t wild and you might even keep your pet inside 24/7. But your kitty’s instincts will still cause your cat to mark his or her territory by scratching.
  • This action releases an odor from the scent glands on your cat’s paws which lets other cats know where your kitty’s territory lies. Humans can’t smell it, but cats sure can!
  • Working Out – The act of scratching works your cat’s muscles, tendons, and joints. Not only does this keep your kitty’s body healthy and strong, but it also feels like a nice stretch.
  • Releasing Pent Up Energy – Imagine seeing something that excites you but you can’t get to it. This is what your indoor cat feels like when catching a glimpse of something exciting from outdoors.

So, don’t be surprised if your cat starts to scratch when those feelings get stirred up. It’s your pet’s way of releasing energy.

The Solution To Cat Scratching

Don’t despair. You can keep your cat from scratching your furniture. And no, this does not involve declawing.

We advise you to avoid declawing your cat because this procedure can cause:

  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Tissue Necrosis
  • Lameness
  • Back Pain
  • Bone Spurs

It’s best to give your cat a way to keep scratching without messing up your furniture and curtains. This is much healthier and safer than declawing.

We recommend providing your four-legged friend with a cat scratcher. This pet care product comes in different forms. Some look like posts, others look like ramps, and some are part of a cat bed.

But how do you get your cat to start using it? Follow the tips below:

  • Make it Easy for Your Cat to Use – Where does your cat already like to hang out? Put the cat scratcher in that general area. This will make your cat more likely to use it.
  • Keep it in the Same Spot – Whether the scratcher is in the form of a post or cat bed, it’s best to leave it in the same location. You don’t want to risk moving the scratcher and upsetting your feline.
  • Discourage Naughty Scratching – Although we would never recommend yelling at or hitting your precious kitty, you can make a loud noise while your cat is scratching your furniture.

This should be followed up with redirecting your cat to the scratcher and rewarding your feline for using it.

Remember, your cat needs to scratch. That’s why it’s important to provide your kitty with a cat scratcher.