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You Can Walk Your Cat on a Leash

Are you looking for another fun activity for your feline? Why not take your kitty outside on a leash? Learn how to walk your cat on a leash!
We all know that dogs love going for walks. But did you realize that cats can also learn how to walk on a leash? If you want to try this activity with your feline friend, read this article.

Photo by Kanashi from Unsplash

Should You Walk Your Cat on a Leash?

First of all, you must understand that not all cats enjoy walking on a leash.  Some kitties are a bit more skittish and would prefer to stay inside, climbing up a cat tree or chasing after toys.

But if your cat is bold and tries to get outside whenever you open the door, walking on a leash might be the perfect activity for your fur ball.  It’s also a great way to provide some excitement if your kitty is bored of all your indoor games.   

How to Select the Right Equipment

If you’ve determined that your puss would benefit from walking outside, your next step is to buy a leash and harness. A dog harness won’t do. You must find and purchase a harness that’s made specifically for cats. 

The type of leash you choose is also important. Look for options made of nylon or cloth and avoid all retractable and chain leashes.  

You might be tempted to simply clip the leash to your cat’s collar instead of getting a harness. But cats can slip right out of a collar. Play it safe by using a harness.        

How to Train Your Cat to Walk on a Leash

Photo by Taylor Deas-Melesh  from Unsplash

In most situations, getting a cat to walk on a leash requires a gradual training process.  Keep in mind, each cat is unique and will move through the process at a different pace.   

At each phase, you must decide when your feline is ready for the next step.  Remember, it’s okay to stay on one step for several days or weeks.  Work at the pace that’s best for your fur baby. 

Let’s go over the steps now.    

Familiarize Your Cat with the Harness

Photo by Deniz  from Unsplash

Encourage your kitty to sniff the harness.  While your cat is checking out this foreign object, give your puss a treat.  This will help your cat associate the harness with good things.

If your feline remains calm, let the harness touch your cat’s body.  Be sure to provide another treat.

Put on the Harness

When your four-legged friend is ready, try putting the harness on your cat.  Don’t forget about the treats!

Walk Inside

Walk your cat on the leash inside.  When your kitty starts to walk, reward your pet with a treat.  Don’t force the issue by pulling on the leash.  Let your cat decide when to take a step.   

Walk Outside

Photo by Andréas BRUN  from Unsplash

When your cat is comfortable walking inside, take your furry friend outdoors.  Begin in your backyard and have the treats ready to go.  

Whenever you walk your cat on a leash, pay close attention to your pet at all times and don’t let your feline eat any plants. There are lots of cat-toxic plants out there, and you don’t want a fun outing to turn into an emergency situation. 

Walking your cat on a leash can be a great experience.  Just be sure to follow the steps outlined above before taking your kitty outside.