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You Need To Try These Tips For Keeping Cats Warm In Winter

When the weather gets cold, do you know how to keep your kitty nice and warm? Find out the best strategies for keeping cats warm in winter!

With winter quickly approaching, the weather is cooling down. If you are worried about your cat getting too cold, we’ve got some great tips for keeping cats warm in winter. Those tips can be found in this article!

Don’t Let Your Cat Outside

Even if your cat normally has outdoor access, it’s wise to cut that off during the coldest times of the year. Otherwise, your cat could experience hypothermia and frostbite. Keeping your kitty inside will prevent those dangerous consequences from occurring.

Make The Cat Bed Warm

Giving your cat a cozy place to snooze will help your feline stay comfortable during cold months. If your cat doesn’t already have one, buy a cat bed and place some warm blankets inside of it.

Does your cat need a little encouragement to sleep in the bed? Try putting some treats on the blankets. When your cat jumps in to get those treats, the warm blankets and bed will be impossible to resist, causing your cat to curl up and drift off.

Let Your Cat Eat More

Cold weather forces your cat’s body to work harder in order to keep his or her body temperature up. This increases the number of calories your cat burns, which means you might have to feed your cat more food so that your kitty has enough fuel to work with.

If you suspect your cat needs to eat more during fall and winter, speak with your veterinarian about this. It’s normal for cats to consume more calories during this time of the year, but it’s still important to avoid overfeeding, which could lead to excess weight gain.

Get Your Cat To Exercise More

Movement warms up the body, making exercise a great strategy for keeping cats warm in winter. That’s why you should spend extra time playing with your kitty during the cold season.

You can entice your cat to run by dangling a cat wand as you sprint from one end of the room to the other. You could also get a cat tower for your cat to climb on. This option might be easier for you since it won’t require you to run around too!

Move The Litterbox

Most likely, some areas of your home are warmer than others. If you’ve stuck the litterbox in one of the colder spots, you should consider moving it.

Make sure your cat knows where the litterbox is. You might need to gradually move it, scootching it closer and closer to the intended location each day.

Or, you could get a new litterbox and place it in a warmer location while keeping the old litterbox in the colder spot. Once you are sure your cat is using the new box, get rid of the old one.

Keep Your Home Warm

Set the thermostat to somewhere between 70- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit. This will help your cat stay warm even when it’s getting cold outside.

There’s no reason for your cat to freeze this year. If you try our tips for keeping cats warm in winter, your fur ball can stay comfy for the entire season!

Photography by Kristin Brown, Remi Muller, Kasya Shahovskaya, and Nathan Fertig on Unsplash.