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The Illusion

We all know that cats need environmental enrichment in their lives: tons of toys to play with, places to climb, scratch, jump off and on to, and last but definitely not the least safe places to hide. When feeling threatened, or simply scared of something, my Joseph rushes under one of the couches in the living room. It usually takes him only a couple of minutes to come out again after he regains his confidence. Then he can continue his proud walk as the real owner of the house. However, that couple of minutes is very important for him to have. It is important for him to know that his hiding place is sacred and untouchable. Whether it is only a couple of minutes or hours, cats should be able to take however much time they need to feel comfortable again.

Besides couches, Joseph also likes to squeeze in tight spaces because they offer security; as such, I built him a fortress where no one has any idea where he is, but he can still secretly watch the world in front of him from within. I am not sure how he exactly feels inside, but I can definitely empathize with his need to be safe and isolated from time to time. I think all of us need times or places like that, where we can isolate ourselves from the never-ending rush and feel free from any disturbance; spaces where we can just pause for a while and concentrate on the bigger picture until the world calms down a littleā€¦