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This is Yuuki, my roommate’s cat who is sometimes lazy but loves to play with everyone in the house and also with visitors. But he gets exhausted after all the chasing (or being chased). So I designed a place where he can rest but also have a little fun.

The Pinball board is a combination of pinball table and scratchboard for cats to enjoy a little bit more than scratching. The idea is when you see your cat sitting or scratching out of boredom, you can join them and have a little game with them. When I first brought this board home, he couldn’t wait to jump on that big board for some scratching. When I launch the ball, he tried to catch it because he did not expect that coming. But I guess he was not so much into playing games and just want to chill at the time, that he did not care too much about balls that are out of his reach….
Overall, I’m surprised that he likes the idea. It is a pretty big board after all when he wants to take a break, and play a little game sometimes.