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Top Tips on Keeping Cats Safe at Christmas

The holidays are a time of joy, but they can also bring new pet dangers into your home. Learn all about keeping cats safe at Christmas time.

With the holidays coming up, you need to start thinking about keeping cats safe at Christmas time.

We know. This topic isn’t fun. But we must address it. Otherwise, your fur baby could get into trouble.

If you want to have a joyful Christmas that doesn’t involve any emergencies, learn how to keep your cat safe by reading this article.

Photo by David Kohle from Unsplash

Christmas Tree

Photo by Annie Spratt from Unsplash

Your Christmas tree’s pine needles could be detrimental to your cat. If your furry friend consumes live or artificial tree needles, the following health issues may result:

● Gastrointestinal irritation
● Vomiting
● Obstruction
● Intestine penetration

Be sure to sweep up fallen needles every day and do whatever is necessary to keep your cat from nibbling on the tree. This might require blocking off access to the tree.

Christmas Candles

Don’t leave a room that contains lit candles. You never know when a curious kitty will get too close, resulting in a burned nose or a knocked over candle.

You can prevent those accidents by staying near the candles whenever they are burning. And don’t forget to blow them out before leaving the room.

Christmas Decorations

Decorating your home will get you in the Christmas spirit. But many decorations come with wires.

Keeping cats safe at Christmas time requires placing those wires far away from your feline. If possible, put them completely out of sight so that your cat isn’t tempted to play with them.

Wrapped Presents

Wrapping gifts is one of the best parts of the holiday season. But if you have a cat, you will need to carefully consider the wrapping materials you use.

Always avoid ribbon. There are few cats (if any!) who can resist the temptation to play with it.

If your feline swallows that ribbon, it could get all twisted up inside your cat’s intestines. The consequences of this situation can be fatal.

Holiday Plants

Photo by Freddie Marriage from Unsplash

Before sprucing up your place with a new plant, make sure it’s cat safe. Many of the most popular holiday plants shouldn’t be allowed near your cat.

Here are just a few examples of cat-toxic holiday plants:

● Mistletoe
● Amaryllis lilies
● Red azaleas
● Paperwhites
● Poinsettias
● Holly

If you want to play it extra safe, just skip the live plants altogether and purchase fake holiday plants instead.

Special Holiday Foods

Photo by Dilyara Garifullina from Unsplash

Don’t feel bad about depriving your cat of human holiday treats. Many of those foods are cat toxic.

With that in mind, keep a close eye on your cat whenever you are serving food.  Make sure your kitty doesn’t sneak anything from the table.    

And don’t let the food sit out after everyone is done eating. Put it away immediately.

You should also take out the trash so that your cat isn’t able to retrieve any food that gets thrown out. 

If you want to give your cat a holiday treat, why not allow your puss to indulge in catnip?  Sprinkle some on the cat scratcher and have fun watching your fur ball’s ecstatic response.

Keeping cats safe at Christmas time is all about taking the proper precautions.  When you put your kitty’s safety first, you can enjoy the holidays with your four-legged friend!