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How To Keep Your Cat Healthy

Want to keep your feline healthy and happy? There are several great tips for keeping your cat healthy that you should learn.

We bet you would do anything to make sure your kitty maintains the best health possible. That’s why this article is perfect for you. It will teach you some great tips for keeping your cat healthy.

Stick To A Regular Feeding Schedule

Although it’s easy to keep the food bowl filled with dry kitty kibble, this isn’t the best way to feed your feline. Providing constant access to food might lead to weight gain.

Switching to a regular feeding schedule can prevent excess pounds from creeping on. We know that it’s hard to get a cat to change his or her ways. But this change will be worth the trouble, even if your cat doesn’t think so.

Talk with your veterinarian about your cat’s feeding schedule. Your veterinarian can advise you on the frequency and size of your cat’s meals.

Keep Your Kitty Active

Increasing your cat’s physical activity is easier said than done. Cats aren’t like dogs. They aren’t always so ready and willing to play.

But the truth is, your cat does need physical activity in order to maintain the best health possible. Don’t worry. We have some tips that will help you increase your cat’s activity level.

Play With Your Cat’s Favorite Toys

No matter how lazy your cat is, he or she has to have at least one favorite toy. It could be a toy mouse, a cat wand, a tunnel, or even a toilet paper roll.

Whatever it is, grab this toy and play with your cat every day. It doesn’t need to be a long play session. About 10-15 minutes will do.

And if your cat gets bored of playing with the same toy, find other toys that your kitty will enjoy just as much.

Give Your Feline A Cat Tree To Climb

Cat trees are great. They give cats the opportunity to climb and jump, keeping their muscles in good shape. And you can rest easy knowing that your four-legged friend is climbing a kitty-safe cat tree, rather than your furniture.

Watch Out For Potential Health Problems

You don’t need to be paranoid about health problems. That being said, you should stay aware of your cat’s current health.

Keeping a close eye on your cat enables you to get on top of any potential issues before they become major problems.

So, be sure to take note of any feline behaviors that seem out of the ordinary. If you ever notice any warning signs, make an appointment with your veterinarian.

Don’t Declaw!

Did you know that declawing requires the removal of the last bone of each of your cat’s toes? Yikes!

This procedure can cause:

  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Tissue death
  • Bone spurs
  • Lameness

Those possible consequences aren’t worth it, even if your cat does like to tear up your furniture. A much better solution than declawing is to give your feline a cat scratcher. You can use catnip to convince your kitty to use the cat scratcher instead of your furniture.

When you follow the above tips for keeping your cat healthy, the two of you can enjoy many great years together.