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How To Keep Your Cat Cool In The Summer

(Hint: A Cat Bed Plays An Important Role!)

Most of us look forward to warmer weather, and for the most part, so does your cat. They generally tolerate heat better than most humans, and you rarely hear them complain. However, cats do get hot just like people, and you’ll want to do your part in helping your cat stay cool and comfortable.

Here are our top tips for keeping your feline feelin’ fine when warm weather comes knocking:

Prioritize Grooming

Cats are notorious for their personal grooming techniques, and for the most part, you don’t really need to help. But for cats with longer or thicker fur, it’s a good idea to let a professional give them a trim-up prior to the summer heatwave. Less fur can help them feel cooler while looking their very best.

If you don’t want to trim your cat, the least you can do is brush their fur to remove any tangles. This helps remove excess hair that could keep in the heat.

Invest In A Small Box Fan

If your cat stays indoors, set up a small box fan near their bed or another comfy spot where they can go to cool off. It doesn’t take much to get a good breeze going, plus you can enjoy the fresh cool air while lowering your energy bills.

Keep Their Water Dish Full

Just like humans, cats rely on a healthy supply of water each day to keep them cool from the inside out. It’s helpful to give your cat more than one water resource, but as long as they have access to one clean water dish each day, they should be all set.

Leave Cool Flooring Spaces Open

Cats love to find sunny spots to curl up for naptime, but during the summer, don’t be surprised if they retreat to cooler areas of your home. Tile floors are favorites for cats because they’re usually cooler. If your cat loves your bathroom floor, leave a large spot open for them so they can cool off when the need arises. Pick up any bath mats or towels that could be crowding the floor so they have plenty of cooling space.

Give Them Ice Cubes For Treats

Fancy a little ice hockey? Cats can entertain themselves with ice cubes by batting them across the floor and chasing after them. This is great exercise for them, plus they can lick or play with the ice cubes to stay cool.

Provide Ample Shade

If your cats are spending time outdoors this summer, make sure you provide them with plenty of shade. They can retreat under an awning, car, outdoor toys, or anywhere that the sun can’t find them.

Give Them The Right Cat Bed

A thick, cushy cat bed is perfect for winter, but can be stifling in the summer. Instead, switch to a light and air cat bed, such as the Nest. The Nest is designed for greater airflow with its 100+ movable side panels that make it easy for cats to scratch their back and shed excess fur.

Shop The Nest today and help your cat stay cool this summer!