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How To Keep Your Cat Cool During Hot Months

Is the heat getting to be too much for your feline to handle?  Then you need to learn how to keep indoor cats cool in hot weather.    

When temperatures start climbing, you won’t be the only one suffering.  Your cat won’t like the summer heat any more than you do.

But there are a few ways to relieve your kitty.  Read this article to learn how to keep indoor cats cool in hot weather.

Play Games With Ice

Few things sound more refreshing than an icy cold drink on an unbearably hot day. But ice cubes can do more than just chill your beverage. They might also help your kitty cool down.

How? By letting your cat play with them.

Try throwing an ice cube on the floor while your cat is watching. Your curious kitty won’t be able to resist checking it out. As your cat starts batting the ice cube around the room, it will cool down your pet’s paws.

This warm weather tip not only provides relief from the heat, but it also entertains your cat when it’s too hot to do much else.

Treat Your Cat To Frequent Grooming Sessions

Grooming your cat is always important, but this task becomes even more vital during the heat of summer.  The more fur your cat has, the hotter your cat will feel.  It’s kind of like wearing extra layers of clothing.

Brushing your cat will remove dead hairs from your kitty’s coat.  With that excess fur gone, your cat’s body has a chance to cool down.

If you have a long-haired cat, you might want to hire a professional groomer to clip your fur ball’s coat.  You can ask the groomer to only clip the tummy area if you want to save the rest of your cat’s coat.

Provide Plenty Of Water

High temperatures can be more than uncomfortable. They can also be deadly.

Make sure your cat stays hydrated by providing lots of fresh water every day. You should consider changing the water several times per day and giving your cat access to multiple bowls.

Try placing the bowls in different areas of your home so that no matter where your cat goes, he or she can easily grab a quick drink.

Here’s a tip that keeps your cat’s water cool. Place three to four ice cubes in the water bowl after filling it up.

Give Your Cat A Cool Place To Rest

You can’t blame your cat for gravitating towards the coolest places in your home. You probably do the same!

So, wherever your home offers the most relief from the heat, set up a cat bed in that area. Place a cotton towel or blanket on top of the bed to make it even comfier for your kitty.

Block Out The Sun With Curtains

During any other time of the year, many cats love basking in the sun. But when the weather is warm sunlight can heat up your home, making you and your cat too hot.

Keep the heat out of your home by closing the curtains and blinds. This will help both of you.

Now that you know how to keep indoor cats cool in hot weather, you can make summer more comfortable for your furry friend. Your cat will really appreciate it!