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How To Introduce Your Cat To A Cat Bed?

Are you having a hard time convincing your kitty to use the cat bed? Learn some great tips that will get your cat using the bed!

If your feline likes to sleep in your home’s no-cat zones, you need to buy a cat bed. But how can you be sure your picky kitty will actually use the bed? Just follow the tips below.

Pick A Spot That Your Cat Likes

You have to place the cat bed in the right spot. If you fail this step, your cat will never use the bed.

When determining where to put the cat bed, think about where your furry friend naturally likes to curl up and snooze. What makes those areas so attractive to your cat? Discovering the answer to this question will help you come up with some great ideas for where to put your cat’s new bed.

If your kitty relishes a nap in the sun, consider placing the bed in a warm room that gets flooded with sunshine. Or maybe your cat likes to sleep up high. In that case, find a safe, elevated spot for the cat bed.

Remember, each cat is unique. It’s up to you to determine the best spot for your cat’s bed.

But wherever it goes, make sure to place the bed in a relatively quiet area of your home. Like us humans, your cat probably won’t be able to sleep in the middle of noise and activity.

Tempt Your Cat To Come Near

What feline can resist catnip? Scatter some on the cat bed to entice your kitty to check it out. If you don’t have catnip, use treats instead.

Once your cat is on the bed, praise your pet. The combination of praise and treats will make your cat far more likely to come back to the bed later.

You could also try placing one of your shirts on the bed. Your scent might comfort your feline and make the cat bed more appealing.

If you don’t want your shirt to get covered in cat hair, use one of your blankets instead. Or you could use one of your cat’s blankets if you don’t want to give up your own.

Discourage Your Cat From Sleeping In Other Locations

So, you’ve decided where to put the cat bed. And your cat is beginning to learn that the bed is a nice place to nap. That’s great!

But how can you make sure your cat doesn’t keep sleeping in the locations you want to keep off-limits? Here’s what to do in those areas of your home:

  • Spread out some aluminum foil. No one, not even your cat, would want to sleep on that!
  • Spray natural, non-toxic citrus oils. Cats hate the smell of citrus and generally stay away from areas that smell like lemon or orange.
  • Set up pet gates or close doors. These barriers will keep your kitty away from no-cat zones.

Don’t be discouraged if your cat doesn’t immediately start sleeping on a new bed. It might take some patience, but using the tips above will help you succeed in getting your feline to sleep on the cat bed.