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Our Best Tips on How to Bond with Your Cat

When you bring a new kitty home, you want to become your cat’s best friend. You can accomplish this by learning how to bond with your cat.   

Developing a bond with your cat takes time. It doesn’t just happen on the day you bring your feline home. So, what can you do to build a healthy, strong relationship with your new cat?

Read this article to find out!

Spend Time with Your Cat

Photo by Chen from Unsplash

The best way to connect with your kitty is to spend time together. How you spend that time together is entirely dependent on what your cat likes to do.
Whether that’s sitting in your lap, being brushed, or chasing after a cat wand, do whatever your puss most enjoys. Catering to your cat’s preferences will help foster a friendship with your feline.
Of course, life can get pretty busy for most of us, making it hard to spend enough time with your furry friend. But if you really want to be close to your cat, you must set aside time each day to hang out with your pet.

Don’t Smother Your Cat

Photo by Iz & Phil from Unsplash

Although spending time together is crucial for bonding, that doesn’t mean you should smother your kitty. Most cats actually enjoy having some alone time.

With that in mind, try to strike up a balance between giving your cat attention and leaving your feline alone.   

It can be helpful to set up a cat zone for your puss. When your four-legged friend enters this zone, take it as a sign that your cat needs to be left alone for a little while.

Be sure to include a cat bed, cat tree, and toys in this area.    

Pay Close Attention to Your Cat’s Body Language

Photo by Oleg Ivanov from Unsplash

If you know how to read cat body language, you will know when your cat wants to be with you and when your cat would rather be alone. 

So, how can you tell when your cat wants attention? It won’t be hard to figure out.  Your cat might:

  • Rub its forehead against you.
  • Get in your lap.
  • Start kneading you. 

Cat body language can also tell you when you are making your feline feel threatened or anxious. If you pick up on those signs you will know what to avoid doing in the future, which will prevent your cat from associating you with negative emotions.    

And that makes it much easier to bond with your fur ball.  

Make Yourself Fun to Be Around

When you are fun to be around, your cat won’t be able to resist you. You can increase your appeal by giving your kitty treats and toys. 

As you shower your fur baby with love, attention, tasty treats, and fun toys, your feline will begin to realize that being with you is a very good thing. And that will make your cat want to spend even more time with you.

Pretty simple, right?

Remember, building a relationship with your cat probably won’t be an overnight success. So, don’t be discouraged if your new kitty doesn’t instantly connect with you. 

Instead, try the tips listed in this article.  Before you know it, you will share a strong bond with your cat!