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Giving Pets as Christmas Gifts:What You Need to Know

Photo by Andréas BRUN from Unsplash

Have you ever thought about giving pets as Christmas gifts?  You need to carefully consider this idea before you give a cat to the animal lover you know. 

Are you thinking about giving a cat as a gift to someone you know?  We hate to burst your bubble, but giving pets as Christmas gifts is probably a bad idea.  Keep reading to learn why. 

The Recipient Might Not Be Ready for the Responsibility

Owning a cat is a big responsibility that requires a long-term commitment. Cats need daily care for their entire lifespan, which is normally around 10-15 years. 

It’s not fair to push anyone into that obligation.  Instead, you must make sure the potential recipient is willing to take on this commitment before giving a cat as a gift.  

Even if the recipient is ready and willing to handle the responsibility of cat care, you still might want to think of another gift. You will find out why if you continue reading this article.       

The Recipient Might Not Be Able to Afford a Cat

Photo by Jessica Lewis from Unsplash

The expense of caring for a kitty quickly adds up.  Those expenses include:

  • Cat food
  • Veterinary bills
  • Pet insurance
  • Toys
  • Grooming supplies
  • Treats
  • Cat scratcher
  • And more! 

Whoever receives a cat as a Christmas gift will be expected to cover all of those costs.  Is it really a good idea to place that financial burden on someone who might not be able to handle it?

The Recipient Isn’t Able to Choose the Cat

Photo by Long Ma from Unsplash

Even if your friend or family member is ready to take on the cost and responsibility of caring for a cat, giving pets as Christmas gifts doesn’t allow the recipient to select the feline that best suits him or her. 

Each cat has a unique personality.  Just because all of those cats are great in their own ways, doesn’t mean they are all right for every person.  That’s why it’s best to let any future pet owner choose his or her own cat.

That being said, you could offer to cover the cat’s adoption fee or purchase price as a Christmas gift.  This would allow the recipient to find the kitty that he or she connects with without having to pay for it.

The Cat Might End Up in the Shelter

Photo by Thomas Park from Unsplash

If the recipient isn’t ready for a pet, your friend or family member may be forced to take the cat to an animal shelter.  This could end in tragedy. 

Many animal shelters become overloaded with relinquished pets during the first part of the year.  A large number of those pets were given as Christmas gifts. 

Sadly, some of those animals have to be euthanized because the shelters are unable to house and care for all of those animals at once.

Do your part to prevent that problem by not giving pets as Christmas gifts.  You can make an exception to that rule if you are absolutely certain of the recipient’s ability to care for a cat.

But even then, you should allow the recipient to choose the cat that he or she wants to adopt.  After all, bringing a new cat home is a major decision that should never be taken lightly.