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Every Cat Zone Needs These Cat Care Supplies

Are you thinking about giving your cat a special place to play? Learn which cat care supplies you need to set up a cat zone!

Your cat deserves a special place to play and relax. Why not set up a cat zone? Read this article to learn more about the cat care supplies you will need to set it up.

Choose The Best Spot

First, think about all the rooms in your home and determine which one would provide the best area for your cat.  You could give your precious kitty an entire room or you could just block off a corner of a room.

If possible, choose a spot by a window.  Cats love to observe exciting sights from the outside world.

Give Your Kitty Something To Scratch

After you’ve chosen the best spot for the cat zone, it’s time to set it up. Every cat zone needs a cat scratcher. Why? Because scratching is a normal part of your cat’s behavior.

And giving your feline a cat scratcher will prevent your puss from scratching other items that you would like to keep nice, such as your couch.

Set Up A Comfy Cat Bed

Cats typically sleep about 12-16 hours per day. That’s why every cat zone should include a bed.

Some cat beds can also serve as cat scratchers. Choosing this type of bed will save space because you will only need to buy one item for two separate needs.

Provide Entertainment

Sure, cats sleep during much of the day. But they still need playtime! That’s why your collection of cat care supplies should include some fun toys.

Check out the list below for a few great ideas:

  • Interactive Cat Toys – These toys don’t require human involvement, making it possible for your feline to play even when you aren’t home.
  • Puzzle Toys – These toys keep your kitty’s mind occupied because they require your cat to figure out how to access the treats they contain.
  • Toy Mice – If your cat likes to bat toys around the house, toy mice are the perfect addition to the cat zone.

Rotate your cat’s toys so that your furry friend doesn’t get tired of them. For example, leave a few of your cat’s toys out, but put the rest away. Every so often, swap out your cat’s current toys with the toys that are being stored.

Allow Your Cat To Climb

Cats love to climb, which is why you really should consider setting up a cat tree. It will provide your cat with some much-needed exercise and fun. Plus, the top of the tree will give your cat another place to snooze.

Let Your Cat See The Outdoors

If you’ve decided to put the cat zone near a window, set up a perch that allows your four-legged friend to see what’s going on in the outside world. Your cat will be captivated by the sights from your yard or neighborhood.

If your cat’s zone has all the right cat care supplies, your fur ball will have a fun place to hang out, use the cat scratcher, take a nap, and play. Once you see how much joy it brings your kitty, you will know your efforts to set up the cat zone were worth it!