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Top Ideas for How to Celebrate Cuddly Kitten Day

Did you know that March 23rd is Cuddly Kitten Day? Find out how to celebrate this special holiday. As an added bonus, learn some fun facts about kittens!
March 23rd is Cuddly Kitten Day. We want to honor this holiday by sharing some fun kitten facts with you. We are also going to give you some fantastic ideas on how to celebrate.

Photo by Himanshu Choudhary  from Unsplash

Fun Facts About Kittens

Kittens start out small, weighing about 3-4 oz when born. After that, these little fur balls grow quickly, putting on about 4 oz per week.
During those first few weeks of life, kittens receive colostrum from their mother. The protective antibodies in the colostrum prevents disease while building a strong immune system.
When they are born, kittens can’t see or hear anything. After birth, it takes about 7-10 days for their eyes to open, and 10-14 days for their ear canals to open. When kittens are 3 weeks old their baby teeth start to poke through.
All that growing and developing takes a lot of energy. Maybe that’s why kittens sleep 18 hours per day. Must be nice!
Although they sleep a lot, kittens are also very playful. They start playing with their littermates when they are about 4 weeks old. These interactions teach them how to properly socialize with other felines.
Most kittens are fully weaned by the time they are 8 weeks old. Kittens should not be separated from their mother and siblings before this age.
Some cat experts recommend waiting until a kitten is 12 weeks old before separating it from the mother.

How to Celebrate Cuddly Kitten Day

Kittens deserve their own holiday, don’t you think?  If you agree, here are some great ways to celebrate Cuddly Kitten Day.

Adopt a Kitten

Photo by Shantanu Pacharkar  from Unsplash

Have you always wanted a kitten?  Then consider adopting a fur baby on Cuddly Kitten Day. 

But first, make sure you are ready to take on that commitment.  Caring for an animal is a major responsibility that should never be taken lightly.        

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

You can help homeless kittens by volunteering at your local animal shelter.  As a volunteer, you may be asked to play with the kittens. 

This will help prepare them for their new homes.  What could be more fun than that?

Cuddle Your Own Furry Friend

If you have your own little cutie, give your kitty some extra cuddles.  This will strengthen your bond with your puss while helping you relax and destress.

Treat Your Kitty to a Gift

Holidays are the perfect occasion for gift-giving and Cuddly Kitten Day is no exception.  Consider giving your kitten a fun toy or a cat tree

Walk Down Memory Lane  

Photo by Şervan Bingöl  from Unsplash

Even if your kitty is all grown up, you can still celebrate Cuddly Kitten Day.  How?  By looking at all the pictures you have of your cat as a baby. 

This is a wonderful chance to reflect on the fun memories the two of you made during that time.  

Whether your cat is still a kitten or not, we hope you will celebrate Cuddly Kitten Day.  It’s a great excuse for all cat lovers to show some appreciation for the feline family.