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How to Keep Small Pets Safe with Cats

Do you want a small pet? Do you already own a cat? Avoid disaster by learning how to keep small pets safe with cats in the same home.
So, you want to get a small pet, such as a rabbit or a guinea pig. But you already have a cat. Can the two get along with each other?
If you take the necessary precautions and properly introduce them to each other, small pets can live with cats in the same home.
Learn how to make that possible by reading this article.

You Can Walk Your Cat on a Leash

Are you looking for another fun activity for your feline? Why not take your kitty outside on a leash? Learn how to walk your cat on a leash!
We all know that dogs love going for walks. But did you realize that cats can also learn how to walk on a leash? If you want to try this activity with your feline friend, read this article.

You Need to Use These Kitten Training Tips

Want your kitten to grow into a well-behaved adult cat? Then you need to learn some kitten training tips that will help you succeed.
We all know that puppies need training. But what about kittens? Yep, they need it too. Keep reading to learn some kitten training tips.

You Don’t Have to Make These Cat Owner Mistakes

Make sure your cat is well cared for by avoiding common cat owner mistakes. Learn what those mistakes are so that you don’t make them!

If you want to be the best cat parent possible, you need to read this article. We are going to share some common cat owner mistakes so that you can avoid them. Let’s dive right in!

Why You Need To Get A Cat Tree

Keeping your cat entertained can be a challenge, especially if you aren’t home for most of the day. But your cat needs to stay busy if you want to keep your feline out of trouble.

Anti-declaw? It Is About Time And Love

My friend and his wife were considering having a baby at the time, so they were worried that the scratching behavior might be too dangerous for their future baby. When they asked a friend of theirs, who also had a cat, he suggested the declawing option. That was how they made their decision. And even now when they look back, they still wonder if they made the right choice.