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Curious About Cats

Giving Pets as Christmas Gifts:What You Need to Know

Have you ever thought about giving pets as Christmas gifts? You need to carefully consider this idea before you give a cat to the animal lover you know.

Are you thinking about giving a cat as a gift to someone you know? We hate to burst your bubble, but giving pets as Christmas gifts is probably a bad idea. Keep reading to learn why.

Why Cats Need To Scratch

Your cat might be driving you crazy by scratching your furniture, but it’s important to realize that this feline behavior is completely normal. Rather than discouraging it, try redirecting your furry friend to use a cat scratcher.

Why Your Cat Bites You Sometime?

Cats exhibit certain behaviors that are difficult to understand. If you are a feline lover, it may have happened to you that your cat bites you while playing with your hands.