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Want to Help Homeless Pets?Consider Cat Fostering

Do you want to help homeless pets? You can! Cat fostering is a great way to contribute to this worthy cause. Learn more about this opportunity.
Every year, shelters are flooded with homeless pets. If you would like to help these animals, consider becoming a foster cat parent.
This article is going to give you a brief explanation of what that entails. We will also list the benefits of cat fostering.

Photo by HONG FENG from Unsplash

Things to Know Before Fostering a Cat

Many animal shelters and rescue organizations have foster programs that rely on volunteers. These volunteers are foster pet parents. They take shelter animals into their homes to temporarily care for them. 

All kinds of animals can be fostered, including cats.  Some foster cats are older and require medicine.  Some are orphaned kittens that need around-the-clock bottle feeding.  Then there’s everything in between.     

Most programs allow you to choose the types of pets you foster.  This ensures you won’t be placed in a situation you can’t handle.

Keep in mind, every foster program has its own policies.  Look into your local program’s specific requirements and expectations before getting involved. 

For example, you will need to find out who will be covering the expenses.  You should also get an idea of how the program supports its volunteers.   

Those are just some of the things you need to know before fostering cats.    

The Incredible Benefits of Cat Fostering

Becoming a foster cat parent is a highly rewarding experience.  If you want to know what the benefits are, keep reading.      

More Kitties Will be Saved

With so many homeless cats in the world, animal shelters fill up quickly.  By fostering a cat, you are taking that animal out of the shelter and freeing up space for another feline.  This enables shelters to save even more lives.

Helps Shelters and Rescue Organizations

Shelter caregivers have their hands full.  It’s not easy to provide adequate care for all the animals they are responsible for.

You can lighten that load by caring for one or more cats.  The shelter staff will be grateful!  

Gives You a Taste of Cat Ownership

So far, we’ve listed two amazing benefits of cat fostering.  Both are pretty hard to beat.  But this next one is also great because it benefits you! 

Pet fostering allows you to care for a cat without making a long-term commitment.  This will help you determine if you are ready to adopt your own fur ball.   

Or perhaps you already have a kitty but want another one.  Cat fostering will test your ability to care for more than one furry friend, revealing your readiness for a permanent addition.       

Photo by Lisheng Chang  from Unsplash

Gives Homeless Animals a Better Place to Stay

There’s no question that many animal shelters and rescue organizations are helping countless animals.  But that doesn’t mean pets enjoy being in the shelter.    

Staying in a cage all day, hearing all kinds of noises, seeing strangers, and dealing with other felines can be pretty stressful for the average pussy cat.    

When you look at it that way, it’s easy to understand why your home would be a refuge for the foster cat you take in.

If you would like to help homeless pets, get started by looking into your local shelter’s foster program.  The rewards of cat fostering are definitely worth it!