How Do I Start to Play KATRIS with my Feline Friend(s)?

Every cat is different, and we all know it takes time to understand our feline friend’s behaviors. To get started, we suggest setting up your KATRIS in your cat’s favorite area first, then if your cat takes some time to warm up, we have few tips for you:

  • Sprinkle a bit of catnip – included in your package – on the KATRIS to entice your cat.
  • Setup KATRIS beside a window as a step so your cat can stand on it and look at the outside world.
  • Be creative and try different setups to attract your cat to play with. Our feline friend may get bored easily, so rearranging your KATRIS setting will help to attract your cat to play with it again.

What is the size and weight of each KATRIS block?

Check out our products size charts.

Size Chart

How long can KATRIS last as a cat scratcher?

This depends on your cat’s scratching power, we have a set of KATRIS setup in a cat coffee for 5 cats to play with daily, over a year of use and the KATRIS blocks are still in great condition. Check out our testing result from KATRIS VS Competitor Brand for our quality report.

Can you clean fur off KATRIS easily?

You can simply use a dry brush, broom or vacuum to remove the fur off KATRIS.

What is the weight limit for KATRIS?

In our tests, each KATRIS block could hold more than 300 lbs. of weight.

Can I mount KATRIS on the wall?

Yes, you can, we have a new wall mount kit available to help you mount the KATRIS.

How to use the clip?

It depends on your setup. If you put one KATRIS block on top of each other, we suggest clipping on both front and back to ensure stability.

What is the size & weight of the shipping box?

Individual KATRIS Block: 10” x 20” x 20”, 15 lbs.

KATRIS Bundle: 60” x 50” x 30”, 60 lbs.

KATRIS Lynks: 20” x 10” x 30”, 10 lbs.

What is in the box?

Each KATRIS block come with 2 clips and 1 pack of catnip. If you purchase a bundle set, you’re getting 10 clips and 5 packs of catnip. For KATRIS Lynks, you’ll get 4 clips and 1 pack of catnip.

Where are KATRIS products made from?

KATRIS is designed in California and made in Taiwan.