“What People Say About KATRIS Shelves”

Kate Benjamin

What I love about this is that you can change it periodically to give your cats something new to explore. Brilliant!

Kansas Kid
The PURR-FECT answer for my less than agile climbing-jumping kitten.
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Michelle LaFiura
Life Daily

You need furniture. Your cat needs to play on your furniture. You might as well hit two birds with one stone and buy furniture for the both of you.

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Jackson Galaxy
My Cat From Hell

KATRIS system is a interlocking system of scratchers that can go together all kinds of fun shapes. These things are intergrade for cats to establish territorial security for themselves!

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Aqila Xiao Qi
Design Taxi

Fun, Creative Products That are Designed to Keep Your Cat Happy.

Allison Helm
 I love this product but more importantly my cats love it!


With our Wall Mount Kit included in KATRIS Shelves, you could create the playground for your cat on the wall. It could also to be used as a book shelf, wall decoration, or a climber for your cat to jump onto high place.


Each KATRIS block is made from over 200 sheets of recyclable, heavy-duty paper which gives it an extremely strong build. KATRIS are Extremely durable & sturdy: could holds up to 300 pounds for your cat to scratching, exercising, climbing, and jumping on it.


All KATRIS products are 100% recyclable and made from 90% post-consumer content. They contain only non-toxic ingredients, such as SGS-certified, non-toxic glue and soybean inks (for the collection covers). The paper used to make KATRIS blocks is FSC-certified and comes from responsible sources.

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