24 Mar: Pincat!

This is Yuuki, my roommate’s cat who is sometimes lazy but loves to play with everyone in the house and also with visitors. But he gets exhausted after all the chasing (or being chased). So I designed a place where he can rest but also have a little fun. The Pinball board is a combination of pinball table and scratchboard for cats to enjoy a little bit more than scratching….

20 Jan: The Illusion

We all know that cats need environmental enrichment in their lives: tons of toys to play with, places to climb, scratch, jump off and on to, and last but definitely not the least safe places to hide. When feeling threatened, or simply scared of something, my Joseph rushes under one of the couches in the living room. It usually takes him only a couple of minutes to come out again…

14 Dec: “The Maze”

I’ve been trying to get my cat Joseph to play on his own for a long time now. He loves to be around people and everything has more meaning for him if he has someone to share his experiences with. His (over)friendliness makes both of us happy most of the time. But there are certain times when I am not at home or I have other things to do at…

23 Nov: Turn yourself into a scratching post!

Does your cat have weird habits too? Ceo loves to scratch my leg when he greets me after work. It might be one of many ways of showing his affection. Or he might just like my pants’ texture. Who knows? Cats are very independent animals. This characteristic might sometimes seem as being cold and distant. They might even behave as if they don’t need anybody- unless maybe it is meal…

03 Aug: SuperZoo 2016 Day 2: KATRIS Lynks Modular Cat Scratchers

Created by Papercut Lab, KATRIS products put an innovative and ‘green’ twist on ordinary cat furniture. As more consumers are seeking out sustainable as well as multi-use pet products, these new durable, eco-friendly, modular cat furniture collections are made with both cat owners and felines in mind. They’re “made to fit together like a family, […] with the inherent quality of our layered paper providing more scratching opportunity for cats,”…

17 Apr: Introducing Katris Modular Cardboard Cat Furniture

This brand new cardboard cat furniture line is taking modularity to a new level! Katris from the design team at Papercut Lab, is a system of sturdy cardboard shapes that fit together just like the shapes in the game Tetris, allowing you to create an endless number of configurations. By stacking and attaching the pieces, you can build a customized cat tree that doubles as a scratcher or even a piece of furniture…