KATRIS is a cat climbing tree, a bookshelf, a cat scratcher, a coffee table, a shoe rack, and so much more!

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Kate Benjamin

What I love about this is that you can change it periodically to give your cats something new to explore. Brilliant!

Kansas Kid
The PURR-FECT answer for my less than agile climbing-jumping kitten.
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Michele Debczak
Staff Writer for Mental Floss

Even if you don’t have a feline friend of your own, Katris can make unique, customisable storage for books, shoes, and other human-exclusive items.

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Anna Gragert
My Modern Met

It can solely be used as a cat tree or you can transform it into a bookshelf, shoe rack, or coffee table. While you’re at, you can even double up and use it as both a storage space for yourself and lounge area for your cats.

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Michelle LaFiura
Life Daily

You need furniture. Your cat needs to play on your furniture. You might as well hit two birds with one stone and buy furniture for the both of you.

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Jackson Galaxy
My Cat From Hell

KATRIS system is a interlocking system of scratchers that can go together all kinds of fun shapes. These things are intergrade for cats to establish territorial security for themselves!

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Taryn Williford
Apartment Therapy

These Tetris-like modular cat scratcher sections can be reconfigured into a dozen different designs that pull-double duty for you, too.

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Travis Rand Greenwood

Katris scratching furniture can be easily contorted into all manner of shapes and sizes — the only limit is your imagination

Allison Helm
 I love this product but more importantly my cats love it!

Our feline friends are not easy to be satisfied with the exiting cat furniture in the market, that why we created KATRIS: Our cats loved it so we thought we’d share it with you!