KATRIS is a cat climbing tree, a bookshelf, a cat scratcher, a coffee table, a shoe rack, and so much more!

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Ingrid King
The Conscious Cat

I see a lot of scratchers, and Katris Lynks are a cut above most of the corrugated cardboard scratchers.

Kate Benjamin
Cat Style Expert

What I love about this is that you can change it periodically to give your cats something new to explore. Brilliant!

Layla Morgan Wilde
Cat Wisdom 101

The KATRIS Lynks is shred resistant. After being moved numerous times and used daily, there are a few dings and dents but nothing significant.

Nancy E. Hassel
LIPetPlace.com By Superzoo

KATRIS Lynks’ superior material and craftsmanship allows them to last longer than other cat scratchers, thereby eliminating pet owners’ needs to purchase a multitude of replacement pads.

Ann M
I LOVE this cat modular unit so much that I just ordered a second set to provide more high places for my three cats to sit and watch the birds. I also have a rascal cat who ambushes my little girl cat and now she has plenty of private places to sit. The units were extremely easy to assemble and I love that the contents are eco-friendly.
Allison Helm
I love this product but more importantly my cats love it! I started it low to the ground and will try the taller configuration next. My younger cats starts every morning scratching on it, and then hides in the square. My older one sleeps on the top every afternoon.

Our feline friends are not easy to be satisfied with the exiting cat furniture in the market, that why we created KATRIS: Our cats loved it so we thought we’d share it with you!



There are endless ways that KATRIS products can be rearranged, switched up, and integrated with existing furniture. The more blocks you have the more fun it is, and all the shapes fit together like a perfect game of Tetris®. Our new addition, KATRIS Lynks, adds even more variety to the design.


Each KATRIS block is made from over 200 sheets of recyclable, heavy-duty paper which gives it an extremely strong build – our blocks can withstand up to 300 pounds of weight. KATRIS products are shred-resistant and longer lasting than most regular cat scratchers.


All KATRIS products are 100% recyclable and made from 90% post-consumer content. They contain only non-toxic ingredients, such as SGS-certified, non-toxic glue and eco-friendly, non-toxic soybean inks (for the collection covers). The paper used to make KATRIS blocks is FSC-certified and comes from responsible sources.

KATRIS was built on a year of material research and cat behavioral study.

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